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Outdoor relaxation and entertaining can be enjoyed on a well laid out and aesthetically pleasing deck. Let DanPri deck professionals build you the perfect deck. Whether it’s a small deck on the back of your townhome or a multi-layer and functioning deck of a single family home, our deck specialists can design, plan and construct the perfect hosting spot for upscale gourmet dinner parties or everyday wear-and-tear from the kids. DanPri deck professionals are experts

in deck design planning and suggest only deck styles that will accent your home and provide a desirable outdoor living space that is also secure and safe. From deck lighting to under deck drainage systems that will allow you to use the space under a high deck, our deck experts will work with you to build the most beautiful, yet efficient and durable deck.

DanPri employs experienced carpenters that are very familiar with pressure treated lumber, as well as domestic and exotic wood types that offer unique architectural opportunities for decks. Our deck specialists will enjoy the challenge of building your wood deck with exact precision. Although very beautiful, these wooden decks require yearly maintenance and it can be hard to retain their beauty. For high use decks, consider an attractive alternative like maintenance free Tex Decks and PVC Railing. These innovative, high quality deck surface materials are made from a composite material that is 100% insect resistant, splinter free, resists fading and is fire proof.
In addition to complete deck design planning and construction, DanPri deck professionals can assist with deck maintenance and repair. Wood decks require regular maintenance to remain both beautiful and damage free. Cleaning can prevent mildew build-up and protect from rotting wood. Although pressure treated lumber decks are more resistant to moisture damage, all wood decks should also be treated with a proper sealant that will protect against water damage and contain UV blockers. Older decks may be in need of repair and rotten boards replaced. DanPri deck specialists will inspect your deck and examine all your wood for problem areas that may need replaced or repaired.

For a free consultation call the premiere deck contractors in Maryland and let us work with you to build or maintain your deck today.