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Add natural beauty to your outdoor living space.

Give your home the natural beauty of flagstone.

Flagstone has become one of the most preferred materials for pool decking, pool coping, sidewalks and outdoor landscaping due to its beauty, texture and durability throughout the harshest weather conditions and climate. Once installed, flagstone adds elegance and value to a home, requiring little to no maintenance.

Flagstone varies in style and durability and the expert flagstone installers at DanPri can help you choose the right flagstone type for your needs. Popular stones used in the Washington Metro area include Pennsylvania Blue Flagstone, Pennsylvania Irregular Flagstone and Tennessee Flagstone.

Flagstone can be a complicated material to work with and any flagstone project will require a good design plan and experienced professional knowledgeable in the art of stonework installation. At DanPri, we have over 15 years experience with stonework installation and are very familiar with all flagstone types and designs. In addition, we specialize in flagstone maintenance and repair and can assist you with the upkeep of your existing stonework.

Whether you plan to landscape an elegant sidewalk through your yard, lay a pool deck or build an outdoor barbeque – let the experts at DanPri help you with your flagstone installation project. For a free consultation on your flagstone project, contact us today.

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