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If you are considering the use of retaining walls, count on the professionals at DanPri Homes to provide you with the expert knowledge and experience in the planning and installation of a retaining wall.

The Washington D.C. and Maryland regions are considered watershed/bay area and any retaining wall project will require professional with knowledge of local geography. With over 15 years experience in the area, you can rest assured that our professionals are well versed and qualified in constructing retaining walls for this region.

In addition to providing structural support, some retaining walls can be constructed for dual use as planting beds and small gardens, resulting in beautiful landscapes to accent your yard. Constructed of stone, wood, brick or block, landscape retaining walls are typically shorter and help to create garden spaces and visual interest to your yard. Although seemingly much simpler to construct compared to taller, more functionally purposed retaining walls, careful planning and preparation is always considered.
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