Backyard Patio Ideas for Bethesda, MD

Looking for Backyard Patio Ideas for Your Home in Bethesda, MD?

Be the envy of your Bethesda, MD neighborhood with a beautifully designed and installed backyard patio by Danpri Homes.  As spring unfolds into summer, you’ll want to spend as much time possible enjoying the outdoors with your family, and Danpri can customize and create amazing patios to complement your home and lifestyle. With expertise in creating patios for relaxation and entertaining, Danpri Homes can maximize the potential of your outdoor living space.


We know the Bethesda area and have years of experience bringing outdoor spaces and backyard patios to life.


Keep reading to find out more patio ideas and how to add value to your home by increasing your outdoor living area. If you want your custom patio design request your quote today or call us at 1-240-246-7097.


First Impressions: Custom Patios and Curb Appeal

What does the front patio and entryway of your home say to your guests or potential homebuyers?  Is that first impression what you hoped?  As homeowners, we often focus so intently on the decoration and beautification the interior of our homes that we may forget to improve and maintain the exterior.  Consider letting Danpri Homes update that old patio or add a new custom patio that will wow everyone who visits your home.


A Backyard Patio for Every Style

The architectural style of homes in Bethesda Maryland can vary from house to house and street to street, so it is important when planning to add a patio to make stylistic decisions that are appropriate to each home.   If you are fully invested in your home’s style, Danpri has the experience and expertise to guide you in creating a patio design that will complement the architecture and outdoor space.


Let Us Help You to Create Custom Patio Designs

Designing a backyard patio that will suit your needs and home can be a daunting task.  We can help to create custom patio designs that will make the patio of your Bethesda MD home a showstopper.  As a service to our clients, Danpri Homes can create a 3D rendering of a custom patio so that you can more easily envision the space and plan. We will do our best to work all the elements you request into a custom patio design.


Quality Craftsmanship and Patio Materials

Unrivalled in our dedication to service and unparalleled in our workmanship, Danpri Homes has been creating beautiful patios in Bethesda MD for nearly 20 years.  Since we hold ourselves to a higher standard, we carefully choose the patio materials with which we work.  From natural stone to brick or stamped concrete patios, we have discriminating taste in materials because we believe that our clients deserve the best solutions for their budgets.


But It’s Just a Backyard Patio, Right?

Don’t underestimate the power of the patio!  Creating beautiful outdoor spaces and curb appeal does wonders for the look and value of your home.  As you consider different backyard patio ideas, remember that a patio is both an extension of your living space and an investment in your home.  When you decide to sell, discriminating buyers in Bethesda, MD will expect the very best and be willing to pay top dollar for well-designed outdoor spaces with custom patio areas.