Know your HOA rules when building a patio.

Does your HOA Rule?What to know when remodeling or building a deck or patio in Frederick County and Clarksburg Md. 


Why bother with the rules for your homeowners association?

You are not alone! 20% of all homeowners and a staggering 80% of new homeowners nationwide live in a community with a homeowners association. HOAs gained popularity in the late 1960’s. The primary purpose is to help provide services as a whole to the community, trash and common area landscaping for instance. Over the years many homeowner associations have expanded their rules to include design and maintenance requirements and limitations for the homes within the community. HOA’s are permitted to fine and in some cases actually put a lien on your property if you do not conform to the statutes.

Understand your HOA, or ELSE…

There have been many cases that have made it state level supreme court, HOA’s have a considerable amount of authority, which is wonderful if you live next door to the house that has installed a 1000 watt flood light directed at your bedroom window, but not-so-wonderful if you have built a beautiful deck without permission and that does not conform to their requirements.

An experienced general contractor will be able to help guide you in the design and build process for your new addition or renovation. Contractors not only pull county or city permits, when required, they will also help guide (and submit if it is permitted) the very detailed plans to your HOA.

While not everyone needs this service, if you are homeowner who lives in one of the many communities in Maryland with a homeowners association you may already have an understanding of the design and material standards your neighborhood has established as approved. Not having the proper paperwork and design plans can result in denial and additional weeks, even months added to your project timeline.

Where do you start?

DanPri will help you every step of the way. From Design to Approval. Our offices will even fill out the paperwork with complete renderings and submit, if permitted. We want you to enjoy your new or renovated deck as quickly as possible. If you are just getting started, you may want to research some of the information on your own, please check our list of HOA resources.

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