Curb Appeal: Driveway and Sidewalk Renovation

Proud to provide driveway and sidewalk services in Urbana, Frederick and Clarksburg Maryland regions.


Your new path home

Creating an inviting entrance to your home can be more than just retaining walls and landscaping. A beautifully constructed paver, stamped concrete, stone or brick sidewalk is an easy way to transform your entrance. Replacing a poured concrete sidewalk and/or standard porch or stoop not only adds value to your home, it can often be done in less than a week.

We often tell our clients to think of a custom paver or stamped concrete sidewalk and driveway as “the frame” for their landscaping. The vast number of combinations of building materials, colors and styles available allows homeowners to create a personal, welcoming entryway.


Bringing people together

Today’s neighborhoods are designed to bring people together. Look around, where do you see children gathering? We noticed! We drove around several large neighborhoods in Urbana, Frederick and Clarksburg and found most families gathering in front of their homes and in the cul-de-sac at the end of the street. For those who may not spend as much time socializing in the front of their home we ask, what is the first thing you see before you open your garage door? Your driveway and sidewalk! Now, imagine yourself after a long day of work, coming home and pulling up to your custom driveway and/or sidewalk.

We value our client’s hard earned dollars and encourage owners to invest in areas they spend the most time and will be able to enjoy. That said, why settle for a standard driveway and sidewalk?