How to choose a contractor in Frederick MD

Finding the right contractor to build your dream deck or patio in Urbana, Clarksburg and Frederick MD areas.


Over the years we have found that homeowners are having an even more difficult time making this decision. Gone are the days where you asked your neighbor or uncle who they would recommend. Today most owners sit down in front of their computer, take a deep breath and Google away for hours. One would assume that technology has made this an easier task- online searches, webpages and social networking finding the right builder or general contractor should be a piece of cake. But alas, you are bombarded with so many choices how can you narrow it down? How do you know which contractor is the right choice for building your new or renovated deck or patio? Overwhelmed yet?

There are how many contractors in Maryland

Yes-there are that many. Just for fun we googled “choosing a general contractor in Maryland”. We feel your pain- about 5,090,000 results (0.41 seconds). While our lucky staff doesn’t have to look far for a skilled, honest and efficient Contractor, we are still consumers and want you to feel confident in your decision. Grab a cup of chamomile tea and start with these tips.

Ask your Family, Friends, Co-workers and Neighbors

  • Are they happy with their decision?
  • How has their deck withstood time?
  • Do they feel the price was fair?
  • Would they have done anything differently?
  • Did their contractor make suggestions?

Be a stalker

Not literally- but do not be afraid to write a nice note and place it in the letterbox of that home who has your dream deck, patio or gazebo. Let them know that you are interested in contacting the contractor they used for their construction. We suggest providing an email address- not your phone number, just in case they turn out to be a real stalker.

Verify, check these important, non-profit, free accreditation sites


  • Get more than one quote. Really. We want you to make the best choice for your project, we aren’t afraid of competition!

Get it in Writing and Know your Homeowner rights!