Outdoor Living Space in Clarksburg MD

Extend Your Living Area with Backyard Entertaining Space Clarksburg MD

Traveling around Clarksburg, Maryland you will see many beautiful homes and even some with outstanding landscaping, but what is often left out is an outdoor living space.  If you are going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new home, why not make sure you are using every bit of available living space?  At Danpri homes we want to help you take your yard and turn it into that jaw dropping backyard living space you can enjoy with friends and family.

Keep reading to find out more patio ideas and how to add value to your home by increase your outdoor living area. If you want your custom patio design request your quote today or call us at 1-240-246-7097 .


The Benefits of Backyard Living Space

After a long busy day at work, don’t you want to come home and relax in an oasis with a glass of wine and the beautiful sounds of nature? Stop wishing and let Danpri homes help turn your old enclosed patio or rotting deck into the outdoor living room you have always wanted.

Outdoor living spaces have the ability to turn an unusable or rarely used area of your home into a great place to entertain your guests.  A transformation like this can also be seen as an investment and as a huge selling point in the future.

Make Your Backyard Unique

Are you considering transforming your backyard or side yard into something more?  Make your backyard designed for entertaining guests.  Turn that grill in the middle of your lawn into a fully stocked outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator, kegerator, sink, and built in grill.  Create an area specific to backyard entertaining with stone benches circling around a gorgeous fire pit.  Make an area where you know all your friends will want to relax.

Perhaps something a little simpler may agree with your style?  A garden terrace may be just the outdoor space your home needs to make it complete.  Another less extravagant and costly way to expand your livable space is with an outdoor patio or deck for entertaining.

Choose the right Professionals

If you are considering backyard entertaining, seeking professional help is a must.  The options are countless and creating an outdoor living space that fits your family’s needs, the layout of your backyard, and your budget is paramount.  For example, when considering large features like a water feature, pond, or deck, the layout of your backyard can dictate location based on things like drainage or preexisting vegetation (large trees and bushes).

Without a professional who understands your “must have’s” and the ultimate goal of your space you may end up dissatisfied.  That is why we, at Danpri Homes, always encourage our Clarksburg, MD clients to think about what they want to use this space for and what they simply can’t live without in their new backyard oasis.

Quality Materials make your Outdoor Living Space

As with any other project, the finished product is directly impacted by the material and personnel used during the construction process.  That is why we always use the best quality products for our hardscapes.  As a company that has its roots in the masonry industry, we know quality products and sound work when we see it.

If you love entertaining guests and enjoy being outdoors, why not make your back yard into the outdoor living space you have always wanted?  If you are interested in getting a quote for how much your new backyard entertaining area will cost, simply fill out the form at our requesting a quote page.  Looking for more information about creating an outdoor living space? Give us a call today at 1-240-246-7097.


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