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Turn your home into the castle of your dreams.

Trust the craftsmen at Danpri to make your dreams reality.

Certain additions to your house can make all the difference in not only the look, but the basic functionality of your home. DanPri  home professionals are familiar with numerous types of stonework and pavement projects that can transform your vision of your home into a feasible reality.

Patio additions create an outdoor living space where your family can enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their home. Danpri is skilled in the design and construction of all types of patios. Whether you’re looking for a simple concrete patio or an highly decorated flagstone design, rest assured that Danpri can do the job.

With over  15 years of experience in the concrete business, Dan is an expert when it comes to driveways and walkways. In addition to laying concrete, Danpri specializes in finishing touches such as concrete stamping and staining. Paver stones are also an excellent choice for driveways and walkways due to their low maintenance and durability.

Danpri stonework and pavement experts are dedicated to bringing you quality service and expert craftmanship with attention to detail. For a free estimate and consult on how we can help you with your stonework and pavement needs, please contact Danpri today.