Pavers and Stone Patios in Potomac, MD

Fulfill Your Backyard’s Potential.

Your backyard can be so much more than just grass and dirt.  Use pavers and stone patios to dress up your outdoor space in Potomac, MD.  Don’t let uneven ground or unusual spacing deter you from making the most of your backyard. If the outdoor spaces of your home in Potomac, Maryland need some updating, consider the use of pavers, stone patios, or retaining walls to give structure and depth to a boring backyard.  Unleash the potential in your backyard, making it a beautiful, yet functional space with landscaping that adds to the charm and style of your home.  Danpri can provide paver and stone landscaping options that are guaranteed to make your backyard a sight to behold!


Value You Can See

Improving the outdoor spaces of your home in Potomac, MD easily increases the saleability and value of your property.  That being said, when you add pavers or stone patios to your backyard, you and your family begin to enjoy the benefits immediately, not just when you decide to sell.  Deciding to invest in professionally designed and installed retaining walls, new stone walks and a new stone patios is a wise idea, and Danpri Homes can make it easy!


A Backyard For Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind from a hard day at work or you’re hoping for a place to exercise and play, there is a patio solution for you.   Depending on your needs, you may want to consider adding stone patios, paver walkways, or terraced gardens to the exterior of your home.  Your backyard should be a place that everyone in the family can enjoy, each in his/her own way, and a well-planned outdoor space can help to achieve that goal.


Beautiful…and Functional

A challenging backyard can also be a beautiful one.  Though the landscaping is usually the first thing one notices in a backyard, it is the hardscape that often provides important functionality, especially as it pertains to water drainage.  Poor drainage can allow wayward rainwater to weaken the foundation and erode the base of your home. The good news is that paver blocks and retaining walls can help to direct the flow of water around your home, avoiding damage could result in costly repairs.  And as an added bonus, they add beauty and interest to your outdoor space.

An example of a beautiful, but functional, solution is the use of dry riverbed stone paths—paths made by surrounding large flat stones with smaller stones that slope downward to direct water.  This makes a path for rainwater that doubles as a walkway.


Rock, Pavers, Stone

With so many options, how does a homeowner choose between stone or pavers for patios in Potomac, MD?  At Danpri, we recommend looking first to the style of the home itself. Stone may look and feel more natural and organic, lending itself to a certain style of architecture that blends in with the environment, while pavers might be a better fit for the lines and structure of more contemporary or traditional homes.  Another consideration is how the final product will be used and maintained.  While stone paths may require a little more maintenance than paver paths, both options make for durable and beautiful outdoor spaces.  Of course, ultimately the most important factor in the choosing of materials is the quality—and Danpri Homes does not work with materials that do not meet its standards or those of its clients.