Replace or Renovate a Deck and Revive Your Backyard

Let us review and recommend the best solution for Restoring or Replacing Decks and Patios in Columbia, Frederick and Montgomery County.


In our experience homeowners dread this task. We understand, when you first installed your deck it was your pride and joy. Barbeques, parties, the entire family enjoyed eating dinner outside… but the elements are rough on wood and even trek decks. We want to help you choose the best option for your needs.

Out with the old?

When decks are structurally damaged due to the wear-and-tear of extreme weather conditions, temperature, moisture, and insects (such as termites and/or carpenter ants), safety can become the primary concern for you and your family and may justify a complete replacement of your old deck. Before you make the decision to demolish and replace your old deck, let the experts at DanPri inspect your current deck and make a professional recommendation. We are committed to helping our clients make sensible choices. Before we recommend which is why we will inspect your current deck and recommend between a completely new deck or a renovation of your existing deck. From complete deck replacement to repairing and improving the existing deck, our design team is ready for the job.

A complete replacement of a deck is required when there are structural problems. This can come from insect damage (such as termites or carpenter ants) severally weathered beams and supports, or supports that have been eroded by water. Safety is the primary concern- which would require replacement. However, if possible at DanPri we are committed to helping our clients make sensible choices. If we are able to renovate your deck or patio by repairing and improving the existing deck our design team is ready for the job.

Upgrade Your Space

Working with your existing structure can save you time and reduce the overall cost of creating a “new” deck. Perhaps you have outgrown the existing structure or would you classify your deck as less of a retreat and more of an eyesore? The choices in materials to build your deck are far greater today than they were 7-10 years ago. Previously homeowners had choices between pressure treated wood or Trex. Today the choices are even greater. There are far more choices: several types of composites, exotic woods (such as ipe) and PVC deckboards available. While nothing is “maintenance free” there are much more durable and lower maintenance products available.

Growing Pains

It’s ok. Really. This happens quite often. If your deck just isn’t cutting it anymore you have options. What was a perfect size 5 or 10 years ago feels like a mosh pit today? DanPri has helped owners like you before. Redesigning your current layout, perhaps adding a gazebo, fire pit, screened in porch, stairs or patio to your existing structure will provide you with additional space and great conversation areas. Helping you enjoy the beautiful outdoors with your friends and family is our goal!