Pavers and Stone Patios in Clarksburg MD

Do you love your home but can’t stand your hilly or uneven back yard?

Beautify your backyard with Pavers and Stone Patios in Clarksburg MD. If you’re a home owner in Clarksburg Maryland to consider the option of putting in pavers or stone patios and retaining walls, to help flatten out a backyard. Not only will this make your back yard usable, it will add landscaping and architecture to make it fit in with the rest of your home. Pavers or stone landscaping options are an outstanding way to take your unusable backyard space and make it into the focal point of your new outdoor oasis.

Invest in Your Home

Pavers and stone patios in Clarksburg, MD are among the best ways to help increase the value of your home. Not only do they add a retreat from everyday life, but they actually create additional living and entertaining space. When homebuyers do consider a home, the exterior is just as important as the interior. By taking that unusable back yard and placing some retaining walls, new stone walks and a new stone patio, you now give the potential homebuyer a useable space.

Live a Healthier Life

Did you know that by adding stone or paver terrace gardens to your home you could actually add years onto your life? While we can’t guarantee that, after a long and grueling week at the office we know that coming home to a blooming garden and relaxing on your paver patio will help. Imagine being able to come home from a 60-hour week of deadlines and uncooperative clients and sitting down to enjoy lovely sounds of bird chirping and the smell of mid-summer flowers. Couple that with the relaxation of a cool glass of ice tea and lounging in a hammock while reading a book. How can it not take the stress of your week away?

More than Just Beautiful

While living on a hill or with a hilly backyard can have some amazing benefits, it can also have some real downfalls. When it rains, perhaps you have water that runs around your foundation and has actually started to erode away the base of you home. Don’t fear because there is a solution to this issue. By using paver blocks to create a retaining wall you can actually direct how the water flows around your home. This can not only add character to your home but save you from costly repairs in the future.
Depending on your home’s style, a more fitting solution may be to add some dry riverbed stone paths. In this solution we create a stone pathway using large flat stones surrounded by smaller stones which slopes gently towards the center. By doing this we will create a path for the water during the rain and a path for people any other time.

Pavers vs Stone: A Tough Decision

Stone and paver patios are very common in Clarksburg, MD however, it is important that when you make a decision as to what material to use you keep in mind your home’s style. If you have a very natural looking home, stone is the best option for you. But with a more contemporary or traditional home, pavers will likely be a great choice. A second very important thing to consider is the use and maintenance of the area. It is likely that paver paths will have less maintenance than stone paths. Lastly, as with any landscaping item, quality materials matter. At Danpri homes we always pick the best quality product for the project.

Can’t decide if your backyard is right for a stone or paver patio? Call our premier team of patio experts to schedule a time for a consultation. Call us today at 1-240-246-7097. Don’t need a patio but love the idea of turning that hilly backyard into more? We know more than just patios, find out all the information you need on retaining walls, landscaping, and terrace gardens by giving us a call.