Deck Designs in Clarksburg MD

With a custom built deck in Clarksburg MD, you can make the most of your homes outdoor space.

Not only can a custom porch or deck add substantial curb appeal, but it can blend seamlessly with your home’s architecture and style and become a new functional outdoor living space for your family.

Make Your Deck into so Much More

Our custom deck designs have the ability to turn an ordinary deck into something to make your neighbors’ jealous. By simply taking into consideration what your family really needs and wants, that new outdoor area becomes so much more. For example, with a few additions we can make your deck area function as both a summer sunbathing oasis and a winter hot tub retreat.

Need a Year Round Room?

If the idea of having an extra entertaining space year round fits your family’s needs, why not consider a closed deck solution? Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter by closing in your deck. With today’s wild weather tomorrow could be 72 and sunny or 24 and snowing; be prepared for it all with a closed deck. With this deck style you can have the unique ability to allow yourself to be surrounded by the elements or to shut them out. It truly can be the best of both worlds.

Decks Are All About the Details

As with any great product or project the details matter. At Danpri no one understands this more than us. That is why we are committed to making your deck design perform to the best of its abilities. Areas that a normal deck may be lacking we emphasize, making your deck shine. Instead of using those ugly brown clay pots, why not turn your plants into a part of your deck with custom planters? Build a speaker system into your deck or even add stair case lighting to prevent injuries and add style.

Quality Materials Make the Difference

At Danpri homes we are deck builders who are committed to using only the best composite wood and traditional wood decking materials. Why would you consider using composite wood decking? It require sless intensive maintenance while still giving the beauty of real wood, never needs re-staining, and has a much longer life span.
Can’t decide which material may be the best choice for your decking? We can help based on things like your geography, the amount of sunlight, and the deck styles you like. We will have your solution. Just because you choose a lower maintenance material does not mean that you have to compromise on beauty.

DanPri, the Deck Building Choice in Clarksburg, Maryland

Let us be more than just your deck builder and designer, allow us to be the place you come for all your decking questions. We know the building code of Clarksburg, Maryland. We understand what typical HOA requirements are for a decking or addition to a preexisting structure. Get a decking expert and forget about all those unnecessary worries.

Stop waiting and give your family the beautiful outdoor space they have always wanted and invest in a custom built deck. If you are interested in getting a quote or estimate for how much your new deck or patio will cost, simply fill out the form at our requesting a quote page. Looking for more information about what we can do with your backyard? Give us a call today at 1-240-246-7097.


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