Patio Ideas for Potomac, MD

So You Need Patio Ideas for Your Home in Potomac, MD?

Stop coveting your neighbor’s backyard patio in Potomac, MD neighborhood and start generating patio ideas of your own with the help of Danpri Homes!  Get started now, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your custom patio by summer.  Danpri can provide custom patio ideas that fit your home and your personal style. With years of experience installing custom patios, Danpri Homes can make your outdoor living space the envy of the neighborhood.


We know the Potomac area and we know what is needed to make the most of patios and outdoor spaces.

Keep reading to find out more patio ideas and how to add value to your home by increasing your outdoor living area. If you want your custom patio design request your quote today or call us at 1-240-246-7097 .


What You See Is What You Get: Custom Patios and Curb Appeal

When your guests or potential homebuyers see your home from the street, what is their first impression?  Don’t make the beautification of the exterior of your home an afterthought.  Ensure that your home is beautiful inside and out by updating that old patio adding a new custom patio, or getting creative with hardscaping.


Patios Are Like Snowflakes…

Just as every family is different, so, too are their homes and backyards.  Every homeowner in Potomac, Maryland has individual needs and ideas of what a perfect patio looks like, so Danpri tries to help make stylistic choices that work for all involved.  Danpri has the experience and expertise to assist you in creating a patio design that will complement the architectural style of your home but still be as unique as your family.


Take the Work Out of Designing a Custom Patio

When one begins a simple search on the internet for “patio ideas”, there are often too many choices and not enough useful information to make informed decisions.  Let Danpri reduce the stress that comes with creating a custom patio design for your home in Potomac, MD.  To take the guesswork out of the planning phase, Danpri Homes will create a 3D rendering of a custom patio that enables our clients to envision their dream patio and see how all the elements come together.


Craftsmanship and Patio Materials—Where Quality Counts

Danpri Homes has been creating beautiful patios in Potomac, MD for nearly 20 years, and our craftsmanship and customer service are unrivalled.  We hold ourselves and the patio materials we use, from natural stone to brick or stamped concrete patios, to a higher standard, ensuring the best quality results for our clients.



More Than a Patio

When is a patio more than a patio?  When it is custom designed to enhance your home and your lifestyle! Beautiful outdoor spaces improve the look and feel of your property, adding value that is both financial and personal.   Whether you are looking to extend your living space or simply invest in your home, you cannot go wrong with the addition of a well-designed and installed stone patio.  So, bring your patio ideas to Danpri Homes, and we will make them into a reality.