Pavers and Stone Patios in Bethesda, MD

Turn an unruly backyard into a showpiece.

Bring out the best in your backyard with Pavers and Stone Patios in Bethesda, MD.  The backyard is often the last item on our home improvement list since it is unfamiliar territory for many do-it-yourselfers. If you own a home in Bethesda Maryland, consider having pavers, stone patios, or retaining walls installed to help even out and give structure to an unruly backyard.  Your backyard will suddenly become a usable, beautiful space with landscaping and architecture that fits the style of the rest of your home.  With so many paver and stone landscaping options, you can convert your backyard from an eyesore into a showpiece.


Add Value to Your Home

Investing in the outdoor space surrounding your home in Bethesda, MD is a worthwhile way to increase the value of your property.  The addition of pavers or stone patios to your backyard not only adds to the resale value of the home, but it also creates additional living space—a retreat for you and your family.   Never underestimate the beauty and utility of professionally designed and installed retaining walls, new stone walks and a new stone patios.  And when the time comes to sell, potential homebuyers will envision themselves entertaining and making memories outdoors with their own families.


Live the Backyard Lifestyle

You work hard.  You put in hours at the office, commuting, and taking care of the needs of others.  You deserve time away—you deserve to live the “backyard lifestyle.”  To maximize your backyard life, you’ll need to make the space into a place to relax and unwind.  Consider making the area over by adding a stone patio or paver terrace gardens. Imagine coming home every day to an elegant and calming backyard and lounging on your custom stone patio or digging into the soil of a lovely garden.  Change your outdoor space, and change your life.


Strength in Beauty

Every backyard is beautiful in its own way and may possess unique challenges.  Beyond simple landscaping, it is important to consider water drainage and its relationship to the home itself.  A backyard with inefficient drainage can result in rainwater weakening the foundation and eroding the base of your home.  Strategic use of paver blocks and retaining walls can assist in directing water flows around your home, saving you from costly repairs and damage, while adding visual interest to the outdoor space.


Another beautiful and efficient solution may be to add dry riverbed stone paths—paths that are created by adding large flat stones surrounded by smaller stones that slope gently towards the center.  This method creates a path for rainwater as well as a usable walkway.


Choosing Pavers or Stone

The choice to use stone and pavers for patios and outdoor spaces in Bethesda, MD is often a matter of personal taste.   The key is complement the style of the home itself. Stone is often the best option for homes that have a more organic, natural, free-flowing style.   More contemporary or traditional homes may be more suited to the lines and structure created by pavers.  Beyond style, it is important to consider how the area will be used and maintained.  Paver paths usually require less maintenance than stone paths, though both are longlasting and durable solutions.  As with any home improvement project, quality materials matter—and at Danpri Homes, we prefer to use the best quality products for our clients.